Instamak Werk in Selmsdorf

Since 1994 we have been developing, producing and distributing “clever specialty products for Europe’s roads”!
Our products excel with their high quality and superior performance but at an attractive price. They are outstanding at solving problems – whatever their application.

Deckschichtreparatur einer Busbucht mit Instamak Reparaturasphalt

Instamak Repair Asphalt

With the durability of hot rolled asphalt,
cold applied

Instamak Rapid: für einwalzbare Schachtabdeckungen


Reactive, rapid setting road repair, cold applied

Instamak Repair Asphalt PA

Instamak Repair Asphalt PA

For the reconstruction of porous
asphalt surfaces


Schachtrahmensanierung - Straßenabläufe

Reinstatement of manholes and water gullies
For professional use in sewage maintenance