Code of Ethics


We take time for requests and questions from our customers. Our relationship with customers is based on fairness and mutual trust. We count on the benefit, which you as our customer have in a long-term, mutually beneficial partnership.


Suppliers and partners

We seek long term business relationships with our suppliers and business partners on the base of mutual fairness and appreciation.



We strive towards an open, respectful and team orientated corporate culture. Our employees work independently and responsibly, using their abilities in the best interest of the customer, product and company. The management’s culture supports the company in its healthy, long-term growth.


Raw materials

We use only selected, first-class raw materials of consistent high quality where the environment is treated with care during mining and processing, transporting and re-cultivating the excavation sites of the aggregate and sand.



We strive for the highest quality and 1st class working conditions when manufacturing our products. Process-controlled production results in consistent quality, adherence to recipes and documented processes. Products that are purchased must meet our requirements of high quality, ecological and social standards.



INSTAMAK products are well thought through, easy to use, durable and thus cost-effective.
Durable products do not have to be soon replaced but our repair asphalt can be covered with hot asphalt after curing, if need be. Cured and removed it is completely reusable.


Excellent price/quality ratio

Such products will be demanded more and more in the future – for financial and ecological reasons. In our high demands for material quality, environmental friendliness and sustainability we price our products in line with the market and fair calculation practice. The criteria for pricing are based on the quality of the product and Your long-term satisfaction with it.



We are very service minded. Our sales engineers consult You in a friendly and competent manner and are at your service for special applications and product presentations. We strive for a timely and reliable delivery even at peak times.