Branded products for high quality, environmentally friendly and permanent road repair.
We are a quality minded, innovative family owned business. From our production plant in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern we market our branded products throughout Europe.

INSTAMAK GmbH, located in Selmsdorf near Lübeck was founded in 1994.The objective of our company is the development, production and marketing of high-quality, environmentally friendly specialty products for road construction and maintenance. Started in 1993 on a small farm in Schleswig-Holstein, today we have grown into a European leader with ecological and social responsibility.

Back in 1993 pothole repairs in Germany were almost exclusively done by using simple cold bitumen acc. to DIN 1995. Permanent repairs were and are still not possible with this method. Loss in weight of up to 30 % by evaporation of the volatile solvents as well as water impact on the binder and softening points from as low as 27° C render these materials useless within a short time frame. Moreover installation is not possible under certain weather conditions.

Our aim was to present a first time permanent road repair material. This product should enable road maintenance authorities to do permanent repairs year round in any weather condition. From the beginning we tried to abstain as much as possible from using volatile and harmful hazardous solvents.

Based on our technical know-how and many discussions with end-users we already marketed in 1993 the predecessor of  INSTAMAK-Repairasphalt under the name of “Schnellreparaturmix 0/5 and 0/8“. Now INSTAMAK is known throughout Europe.

The basic values we follow, are today more actual than ever: to produce sustainable and durable products of highest quality adhering to strict ecological and social standards. These basic values remain the same. Read more on the following pages…


1993 „Schnellreparaturmix“  introduced to the German market.
We were the FIRST with kilo-prices below 1,50 DM (0,75 €) for high-quality repair asphalts
We were the FIRST with coloured lids to distinguish grade sizes
1994 Foundation of INSTAMAK GmbH in Lübeck
1995 We were the FIRST with winter/summer mixes
1996 We were the FIRST with the grade 0/3 mm
1997 Production moves to Mallentin in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.
We were the FIRST with free-of-charge, nationwide recycling of empty buckets acc. to packaging regulation § 6 of 21.08.1998
1999 We were the FIRST  with the grade 0/11 mm
2000 We were the  FIRST  with residue-free buckets emptied by release paper
2006 Opening of our new plant in Selmsdorf
2008 We were the FIRST  with the grade 0/16 mm
2011 Introduction of PA-repair asphalt on the German market
2012 Wir sind die Ersten mit Reparaturasphalt speziell für SMA-LA

Many of our ideas have been copied …

Our factory back in 1993
Stampfer Mann